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New Web Feature Showcases iSchool Research, Graduates, and More


The iSchools organization has launched a new web feature, Our Stories, that seeks to tell the many stories of its member schools. The feature includes a research blog showcasing the work of young scholars, profiles of successful graduates, a repository for content specific to the primary iSchools regions, and background on the iSchool movement.

“Each of the 86 iSchools member institutions has its own strengths and specializations,” said iSchool Executive Director Michael Seadle. “With ‘Our Stories,’ our site will showcase individual schools—their research, faculty, students and alumni—while at the same time demonstrating the organization’s collective interest in the relationships between information, people, and technology.”

The organization is looking to expand the content of Our Stories, and member schools are invited to submit content suggestions. See the Our Stories subsections for content submission instructions.