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Rutgers Assistant Professors Shah and Singh Receive a Google Faculty Research Award


USA. – “School of Communication and Information, (SC&I) Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Assistant Professors Chirag Shah and Vivek Singh Receive a Google Faculty Research Award
Assistant Professors Chirag Shah and Vivek Singh have received a $62,813 Google Faculty Research Award for their research project titled “Predicting Search Behavior Using Physical and Online Explorations.”
The purpose of this research is to examine how human foraging behaviors in physical environments can be linked to their online exploration characteristics. Understanding this connection could help information providers and system designers to better predict people’s search and exploration strategies, leading to creating support and services not possible before.
Preliminary research shows there is a connection between the two types of foraging. However, the connection between physical foraging and information foraging has never been formally established, according to Shah and Singh. “We believe the way people interact with information, also called information behavior, is connected to other aspects of their behavior. Past research has looked at it in isolation so we are instilling a new way of thinking about how we study information behavior of people,” Shah stated.
So far, their results have shown that a mobile user’s diversity of location in the physical world is correlated with the novelty of the resources in the online world. Using the data collected from lab and field studies, they have been able to create a preliminary predictive model, which can benefit any individual who utilizes mobile devices by examining a user’s past location patterns as a resource to help users formulate their searches based on personalization and recommendations.”
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